S.T.A.L.K.E.R Diorama 1/35

Diorama is finally finished.Working on it definitely took longer than I expected because it initially was conceived just as stand for Brdm-2 and eventually turned into something bigger. All except vehicle, metal barrel and figures is built from scratch, there is also a tree which is a root of some bush. I poured a little over 200ml epoxy resin and I have not painted it because the color of the background was enough to give the impression of a green-toxic morass. Nameplate was electro-etched from aluminium metal sheet. I hope diorama depicts a dark atmosphere of Stalker.
Year 2010
First expeditions can enter the Zone several kilometers deep without mortal danger. Amateur researchers, marauders and poachers, called stalkers, show up. They move around the Zone searching for various anomalous formations, i.e. artifacts, they would sell to various organizations.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Diorama Part3

Here's a little progress. Tires took me more time that I could have guessed. In the end, I think the hard work paid off. I burned them with little torch to get old look and after that apply Vallejo Crackle medium.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Diorama Part2

This is a step forward on the base.Currently the ground is being prepared. BRDM2 was left stuck in the swamp, next to him is destroyed wooden bridge. Later I will add resin water.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R Diorama Part1

This is my latest project: STALKER diorama. Maybe someone played the game but Stalker is much more than that. The brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky wrote a book, "Roadside Picnic" in 1971, which served as inspiration for the film by Andrei Tarkovsky's "Stalker" in 1979. The game came later in 2007 in three parts (2007 Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky in 2008 and Call of Pripyat 2009). I'm currently working on vehicle, abandoned BRDM-2 (Old Dragon). I tried to do a vehicle that standing in the swampy area more than 20 years . I worked with salt, three shades of rust and at the end of the final green that remained in some places.

Bakarni Panther Ausf.G 1/35

Projekat čija je izrada trajala nešto više od godinu dana. Veći deo modela je urađen od bakarnog lima 0,5mm dok su točkovi i alat-oprema skinuti sa starog Italeri kita, gusenice su Friul a top RB-model. Više informacija o samoj izradi možete naći u galeriji koja je nastala tokom iste: Copper Panther. Vozilo je ofarbano u Müncheberg šemu sa kraja rata. Težina modela je oko 1kg.
Copper Panther Ausf.G 1/35

The development of this project has lasted over a year. Most of the model is made of copper sheet 0.5 mm while the wheels and tools-equipment are from the old Italeri kit, tracks from Friul and gun from RB-model. More information about project can be found in the gallery that was created during the development: Copper Panther. The vehicle was painted in Müncheberg scheme. Weight of the model is about 1 kg.

Avganistan diorama

Sovjeti u Avganistanu i jedna opuštena scena, ujedno i moja prva diorama. Maketa je Trumpeter dok su figure ICM.

BMP-1 Trumpeter 1/35

Trumpeterova maketa dobrog nivoa detalja i lakog uklapanja. Uradjena je Zeleno-Siva Sovijetska varijanta iz Avganistana. Izrada je OOB sem cirada oko kupole.